Khadi: Captivating Artisanal Beauty with Serene Weaves

A serene and enchanting mystique lies in the age-old crafts and craftsmanship of India. It won’t be wrong to say that Indian culture is a plethora of distinctive skills which leave everyone awestruck. Among many well-celebrated artisanal crafts, the weaving of Khadi brings calmness to the senses and takes us closer to the talent that resides in our country.

Nangalia Ruchira is proud to be a brand that was not only found in the lap of India but also practices and promotes Indian crafts & culture which bring along their deep-rooted history. From the intricate craft of Leheriya and Bandhani to the harmonious craft of hand block printing, you’ll find it all in our collection. And now, we have finally introduced our new collection that celebrates the age-old weaving practice of Khadi!

Everyone is aware of the richness of Khadi fabric. It is not only suitable for all seasons but also quite unique in its texture. It flows beautifully on the skin and is soothing, to say the least. Our recently launched collection is a perfect amalgamation of contemporary fashion construct and the inexplicable comfort of Khadi. Without any further ado, let’s take a look at a few of our favorites from this launch!

  1. Gorgeous in Green!

Everything about this dress screams comfort! From the refreshing green shade to the subtle detailing on the sleeve, you’ll surely be able to breeze through your day in all seasons. Appropriate for all occasions, and with the potential to be styled in multiple ways, our green button-down dress will seamlessly make its way into your wardrobe!

  1. Breezy and Easy to Wear!

We all need that one outfit in our wardrobe which can be effortlessly styled while making you look put-together, and this dress can prove to be exactly that. Choosing what to wear every day can be a strenuous task at times, but with this dress in your wardrobe, you wouldn’t have to think much! It’s a perfect amalgamation of comfort and class! Style it for a day in the office or a dinner date with your bae, and look effortlessly elegant!

  1. Azure Heaven!

We say it’s heavenly because of how this dress will make you feel! Put it on and let it soothe your senses because of the serene shade and the comfort of Khadi fabric. It’s essential that you feel at ease and confident in your outfit, and this minimalistic dress will help you feel exactly that! Walk into a room wearing this and let the simplicity of this dress speak for your unique personality!

  1. A Dose of Comfort!

Co-ord sets make for one of the most versatile outfits. For instance, this blue co-ord set of a crop shirt and shorts can be styled in multiple ways. Whether you wear it on a vacation or just to lounge at home, it’ll lend you the perfect balance of comfort and style! And if you want to experiment, you can also style both the shirt and the shorts separately and create a unique outfit. Other than being comfy, this co-ord set is perfect value for money.

  1. The shade of Serenity!

With changing times, we as individuals need to take steps that lead us to live a sustainable life! Your wardrobe plays an integral role in that. We at Nangalia Ruchira always promote minimalism and that also reflects in our designs. For instance, this co-ord set in Khadi fabric is a perfect addition to your wardrobe due to several reasons. From the stitching to the fabric, every aspect of this outfit reflects high quality which will make it last for years. Not just that, it also is an extremely versatile pick considering you can style this co-ord set in multiple ways, each time creating a different outfit!

  1. Minimalistic Charm!

The earthy beige tone of this top makes this an elegant choice for every woman! It’s a perfect blend of classy, comfortable, and chic. Style this peplum top with a pair of culottes for a casual look or a bodycon skirt for a professional look and you are surely going to get showered with compliments!